The Connecticut Harvest Market (CHM) project was put together to establish the export potential and interest of specialty agribusiness in Connecticut and prepare them to become export-ready.  The CHM project will provide export assistance to a traditionally underserved community (CT Agriculture) to help them overcome the challenges of exporting and to diversify their client base to create economic stability and job growth.  The identified agribusinesses may ultimately create a unified, cooperative brand and develop an international export market strategy for Connecticut’s value-added specialty agricultural products.  If you have, or are thinking about opening an agricultural-based business in CT and would like to explore the possibility of exporting your products you are STRONGLY encouraged to take advantage of this grant program and all of it’s events!

The project is aligned with the President’s National Export Initiative(NEI), www.export.gov/nei, to expand agricultural exports “via programs that enhance export assistance to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises(SMEs)” including “programs that improve information and other technical assistance to first-time exporters.”  The CHM addresses a key component of the NEI strategy to help small businesses overcome the hurdles to enter new export markets.

Funding has been provided by the Federal-State Marketing Improvement Program of the Agricultural Marketing Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, matched and administered by the Connecticut Department of Agriculture.

The Department of Agriculture (DAG) is an affirmative/equal opportunity employer and service provider.  In conformance with the Americans with Disability Act, DAG makes every effort to provide equally effective service for persons with disabilities.  Individuals with disabilities who need this information in an alternative format, to allow them to benefit and/or participate in the agency’s programs and services, should call 860-713-2559.  Persons who are hearing impaired should call the State of Connecticut relay number 711.